Short information about MRO

MRO is an abbreviation of Museibanornas Riksorganisation)

MRO is an umbrella organisation for the Swedish heritage railways. They all are notified infrastructure managers and railway undertakings and their infrastructure is separated from the national network.

MRO has 24 members of which three are standard gauge, eight narrow gauge 891 mm, four narrow gauge 600 mm and three tramways. The length of the lines of the different members is between 68 km and less than one km. The members have very different background and have built up their activities in quite different ways.

Requirements to be a MRO member

To be a MRO member the society needs to fulfil the following requirements

  • The society should be recognised as railway undertaking and infrastructure manager and operates along the Swedish laws for train (tram) traffic.
  • The goal of the society should be to organise and run a historically correct train or tram traffic.
  • The income from ticket selling and relevant selling of books, coffees etc. are the main income for the society.
  • The activities of the society are based on unpaid work done by the society members.

The activity of MRO

  • •MRO provides a contact way from the different societies to government organisations
  • MRO is a forum for contact between the different societies.
  • MRO arrange regularly meetings for the members twice per year. For the daily operating of MRO a board of three persons led by a chairman is appointed.
  • MRO provides a number of consulting individuals (in the area of legal questions, insurances, security etc.) to be available for the members. •MRO is arranging from time to time seminaries on different aspects.MRO has different working groups dealing with specific areas like: security, steam, track and signal technique etc.

MRO and international activities

MRO is a member of FEDECRAIL (open in a new window) the European Federation of Museum & Tourist Railways. Through this membership MRO hopes to strengthen the international collaboration between heritage railways throughout Europe.

E-mail to MRO: info@museibanorna.se